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Siddhartha :: essays research papers

Monday TheologyFirst off, let me start by saying that Siddhartha is a book that I n constantly would have voluntarily chosen to read. A book based on Indian culture (dot, not feather) and set in a period of mevery years ago didnt pass like my idea of a fun evenings read. But now, after completing it, I can say that I was 100 per centum incorrect and pleasantly surprised.This book was just chocked full of all kinds of symbols, signs and ideas, two of which really seemed familiar to me. Not because they are novel or revolutionary, but much because they are beliefs that I have held for sometime now. And the interesting thing is that I am not exactly sure where they came from. The first and probably most preponderating theme was that of where Siddhartha was trying to find his enlightenment. He began by following a strict regime and belief structure that he was born into. He consequently rebelled and started to follow the Samanas and their practice of self denial. Later, he went 180 degrees and indulged in the sins of the flesh. Not finding contentment in either of these, he at last settles on living on the river and becoming a ferryman. This is where he found the true meaning of Nirvana. He realized that true enlightenment cannot be reached by dint of teachers because it cannot be taught- enlightenment comes from within. This is where I step into the picture. At the start of this semester, we were asked to tell something about ourselves, and where we were spiritually. I stated that I was a Ten Commandment barbarian, being raised on bible movies on Sunday morning TV. I also stated that I had no formal biblical training, and that I went with my grandfather on Sunday morning road trips to his newest church of the month. Or week. I think that he was like Siddhartha in the fact that he was never satisfied with the answer that anyone ever gave him, so he moved on, still searching. This was his gift that he gave to me. The places that I attended and the movies th at I watched asked many more questions than they ever answered. Even as young as eight I realized that while knowledge was good, true enlightenment, or wisdom, wasnt going to come from any one pulpit or preacher. I have since found that the best church is on top of a hill, looking over a graze with a gentle breeze blowing the clouds slowly by.

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My Trip to Italy Essay -- Personal Narrative Writing

My Trip to Italy I stood in the town square of the small village. Like any other normal day, people were going nigh their day-to-day business. Old men sat on a wooden bench beneath a large tree and predicted this years crop. Women dual-lane town gossip as they shopped for groceries, and children sucked on lollipops while they played along the cobblestone streets. However, unlike any other day, the whole crowd had stopped in unison and darted their eyes in my direction, their full attention on me. I heard hushed whispers as I passed by the crowd, Americano Oh mio Dio, guarda com alto I bring heap my head as I thought to myself, What the hell am I doing here? Im in a country where I wear downt know the language or the culture, and I have another nine and a half months until I go home I didnt know it then, scarcely those nine and a half months that lay in front of me would be the experience that would challenge my views and goals and help shape the person I am today. My journey st arted when I came to the conclusion that, after high school, I wanted (and needed) a break. My senior year had been less than perfect, as I didnt apply myself, was lazy, partied, and lost my parents trust and respect. I was a man without direction or a purpose, and knew that college would be just like high school but with more parties and less parental supervision. I quickly decided that instead of going straight to college, I would take a year off and accede in an exchange program. Im part Italian, and Ive always had a desire to trace my roots and to experience Italy and la dolce vita or the sweet life. When I signed the papers to go to Italy for the exchange program, I pictured myself lying in a hammock on a beach, adjoin by three... ...unfair when I left, suddenly became people when I returned. I suddenly realized their good intentions and how they had sacrificed so much so that I would be equal to educate and better myself. I made time for friends, and went out of my way to acknowledge and help people who I wouldnt have noticed before. I fully appreciated everything in my life, and all the things I had taken for granted suddenly became important and meaningful. Katharine Butler Hathaway once said, A person needs at intervals to separate from family and companions and go to new places. One must go without familiars in order to be open to influences, to change. In doing this, I broadened my horizons and changed my outlook on life. Now, as I move on to college, I am leaving my family and friends again to educate and better myself so that I am prepared to walk down any path on the road of life.

How do to Frames on Web Sites :: Essays Papers

How do to Frames on Web SitesDividing a clear varlet into trammels is quite simple. Frames organize web pages by dividing them into rows or columns. The basic concept of frames is that each frame is a regular, complete hypertext mark-up language document. That means more than on one page is viewed in one single screen. This allows the viewers to stay one page other than having to keep on going to new pages. If a person wanted to appoint a page into 2 side by side frames, he/she should put one complete html document in the left frame and another complete html document in the right frame. In order to fixate this happen, making an additional html document is needed. This third html document contains the *FRAME* ticks that specify what goes where. That is actually its only function.The twain tags used are the *FRAMESET* and the *FRAME* tags. A *FRAMESET* tag is a container tag, and a *FRAME* tag is not. For those who dont know what that means, a container tag has an opening *TAG* and a closing */TAG*. The *FRAME* tag specifies the html documents and whether the frame should have a strand or a scrollbar for each html document. The *FRAMESET* tag does all the dividing. It specifies a few things regarding how to divide them up. (Note If using web page providers such as angelfire and geocities, make sure the page that the frames code is going on is set for advanced html.)The most popular way frames are organized is by using two columns. One is apparently being used for the menu of the web site, and the other being used as the main page to view a item page within the web site. The examples used will include how to create frames showing the division of the page into two columns and also showing the division of the page into two rows. First of all, name the three html documents index.html, the page used for dividing it into frames side1.html, the left column of the page used for the menu and main.html, the page for viewing a specific page within the web site. Make sure the following html code is used in the index.html page *FRAMESET cols=100,** *FRAME src=side1.html* *FRAME src=main.html* */FRAMESET*. The * simply means the space that is left over on the web page.

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Punks :: essays research papers

cowlings Did you know that the first commercially successful punk band was the Sex Pistols? Then came groups like Black Flag, Husker Du, and Bad Brains. Punk was invented in Britain in the mid Seventies. The first American punk started in a current York club called CBGBs. CBGBs would attract a crowd of about cholecalciferol with its Sunday-afternoon hard-core matinees. The concerts would be over by a reasonable time so kids could get home to eat dinner with their parents. In this paper we will take a look at some history and aspects of punk rock over the years. Slam dancing has been popular through the history of punk. You whitethorn establish heard of called mashing or stage diving. Mashing is just a big game of bumper cars like you played when you were a kid. I think Natalie Jacobson who is dating the threesome singer of Murphys Law describes stage diving best when says, Its like diving into a human carpet. Something like the old kids trust game. Just my way of acquiring into it. Gospel people got their thing, I got mine.1 Some punks consider themselves Nazis, or are concerned with issues like peace, racism, and nuclear war. Most punk is against parental, musical, and political authorities. On the other hand some isnt. Bob Mould of Husker Du talks about politics quite frequently in his songs. Most punks that live in minuscule towns have trouble making friends. They find it hard to relate to most people. Sixteen- year-old Becca Levine finds it hard to make friends in her small town. She comes from a family of divorced parents that never have understood her. Her mother thinks its just a phase shes going through. As Becca Quotes, Parents around here treat me like Im kind of weird.3 She has met someone from New York City that understands her. She meets with him at concerts at clubs like the Ritz or CBGBs. She met someone else also.

Voluntary Testing for Pregnant Women Essay -- Pregnancy Birth Papers

Voluntary Testing for Pregnant Women During the past decade, the human immunodeficiency computer virus (human immunodeficiency virus) has become a leading cause of mortality rate among women. This population is now accounting for the most rapid increase in cases of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) in recent years. As the numbers of cases of HIV infection have increased among women, particularly of childbearing age, increasing numbers of children have become infected as well. Various studies conducted to accompaniment indicate that between 1/4 and 1/3 of infants born worldwide to women infected with HIV have become infected with the virus themselves (HIV InSite, 1997). This is cod to the route of transmission known as vertical transmission, from mother to infant. Thus, HIV infection has now also become a leading cause of mortality among young children, and virtually all of these infections can be attributed to vertical transmission. More than 4 million American women g et pregnant each year, an estimated 8,000 of them HIV infected. (USA Today, 1999) HIV can be transmitted from an infected woman to her unborn foetus or newborn during pregnancy, during labor and delivery, and even during the postpartum period via breastfeeding. Reports show vertical transmission rates ranging from 13% to 40% (HIV InSite, 1995b). This translates into approximately 1,000-2,000 HIV-infected infants being born each year in the United States. Although transmission of HIV to a fetus can die as early as the second month of development, research suggests that at least one half of vertically transmitted infections from non-breastfeeding women occur shortly after or during the birth process (HIV InSite, 1995a). Due to the seriousness of vertical transmission, there have been ... ...d the Physician-Patient Relationship. AIDS & Ethics. Ed. Reamer, Frederic G. New York Columbia UP, 1991 188-214. PHS Guidelines for HIV centering and Voluntary Testing for Pregnant Women. Factsh eet Public Health Service. CDC. July 1995. (Article, HIV InSite, Public Health Service Task Force Recommendations for the Use of Antiretroviral Drugs in Pregnant Women infect with HIV-1 for Maternal Health and for Reducing Perinatal HIV-1 Transmission in the United States. MMWR Reports, Vol. 47, January 30, 1998 No. RR-2. (Article, HIV InSite, US Public Health Recommendations for Human Immunodeficiency Virus counseling and Voluntary Testing for Pregnant Women. US Department of Health & Human ServicesPublic Health Service. July 7, 1995. (Article, HIV InSite,

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korn :: essays research papers

Born in Bakersfield, California, Korn has become one of the most popular new bands of the nineties. They have revolutionized heavy-metal music as we be it (or used to know it), by injecting several different musical influences into traditional joggle, from hip-hop and rap, to 70s funk music. This strange blend gives Korn a sound of its own. It is because of them that we coined the phrase hardcore metal. Korns first single Blind opened up the doors for hardcore music in 1994. The song introduced lightning fast drum arrangements, frightening guitar riffs, counterfeit style bass lines, and scratchy, screaming vocals. Blind also introduced a new wave of instrument playing by the use of a seven wander guitar that is tuned down from the standard EBGDAE to a strange DAFCGDA. The form of low tuning has become a model to hardcore music. Some of the most common bands much(prenominal) as Limp Bizkit and Staind have adapted to using low tunings in their guitar playing. Blind is a typical d rug song that simply explains the singers experience with drug use, and how it provided an escape from the pain he had endured as a young adult. He wants to leave the world and start all over again, solely doesnt know how, so he uses drugs to distort his reality. The chorus is typical of the hardcore sound because he is filled with so much rage and animosity that makes it hard to understand what he is saying. The song is played by a five piece band which is typical of a hard core rock band of today. It pushes away from the conventional four piece band that flourished within all rock bands. It has the elements of the rock sound because it includes a singer backed up by two guitarists, a drummer, and bass player.

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Zara for Fast Fashion

In analyzing the case we find that Ezra did not appoint a CIO had no evening gown process for position an IT bud welcome did not have policies in place to select specific technology investments required no formal Justification for IT efforts and did not conduct embody/ benefit analysis for IT projects. All of these elements atomic number 18 critical comp onents to the success of IT and commerce over exclusively. These shortcomings advocate the fact that Ezra completely belittled the quality of IT within the organization and still used IT as a bind function for handicraft.With a completely decentralized decision making strategy and lack of IT trade integration, Ezra created the platform for eventual failure. Because all of the above mentioned atomic number 18 responsibilities of both positioned decision makers and IT leaders, I am inclined to assert that poor integration is in fact the central dilemma to the case. Because the lack of IT and business alignment sets the grou ndwork for the additional issues to cultivate, it is significantly more critical than all other noted issues including updating hardw ar and software systems creating internal networks and the lack of formal IT investment strategies.All of the above identified issues can be derived from the central issue of poor IT and business integration, and therefore makes this issue critical and more significant than the aforementioned. B. ) The individuals and groups who are most in a flash impacted by the lack of functional business and IT integration include Inedited/Ezra Owners and Shareholders Saras executive containors, stash away guidance, and all employees Ezra customers All of the above mentioned stakeholders are directly affected by the poor business and IT integration within Ezra.If Ezra continues to fail to respond to the needs of its store managers the impacts pull up stakesing spread and multiply. In the case Saras managers implore Slogan for the present systems to include more capability and dexterity. Slogan and the IT department cannot reach a general consensus. As the IT steering committee discusses the theoretical possibilities secret code gets done and time is lost. If time progresses and store management is disregarded, ignored, neglected and unaccommodating to, the result allow for include Job dissatisfaction, passive aggression to service employees, spikes in turnover and ultimately unhappy customers.Because store managers possess such significant levels of responsibility including ordering merchandise replenishing stock handling personnel and coordinating store needs, the quality and level of in store experiences heavily depend on the competencies and commitment of store management. With stores being the first and last point of contact for customers at Ezra, the customer experience level of service availability of goods and employee interaction is vital for Saras success.If store managers do not feel equipped to provide exceptional servic e, the customers go away suffer via in store service levels. Customers will be directly affected by Saras failing leadership by experiencing unpleasant employees, foresightful waits for size up assistance, and inconsistent information between store locations. As service levels drop, so does reputation, loyalty and sales. If sales go down shareholders and owners loose revenue. Lost revenue creates the first of an unhealthy business which directly hurts owners and shareholders.C. ) So what causes lead to the absence of successful business and IT integration? There are several factors which collectively generated the abovementioned central problem. Those which are most important are outlined as follows Organizational The speed and decentralized decision making approach applied to IT was Saras first and most dark mistake. Using this approach Ezra failed to realize the importance of appointing a CIO and subsequently had no formal erection for IT decision making.The authors of our t ext on page 35 invest the Global trends affecting the CIO role. These trends include Coos expecting IT managers to manage people, finances and materials not Just technology Coos expect IT to contri only whene to a firms flexibility and ability to overhear change and that Coos are called on to take a broader role in corporate leadership. These noted expectations given by the texts authors perfectly contradict every survey of Saras current executive and IT relationship.Castellated (CEO) does not have some(prenominal) real expectations of Slogan. Slogan the current IT leader has little or no say in shot budgets contributing to flexibility is not solely authorized to select technology and fears acting for organisational change. With little or no influence in the tough picture business strategy Saras IT department is again classified as an operational support group. Because of this decentralization, business and IT units are soloed, separate and far from integrated.I believe that t hese factors cross and point to one of the major causes for poor business and IT integration within Ezra. Managerial The problems at Ezra essentially surface from the top down. Starting with the CEO, the company is blind by what they do right which helps them ignore what is going wrong. The article Mastering the Three Worlds of IT states on page 142 that executives do not know when, where, or how to get involved and the reason is, because they operate without a comprehensive vision of what IT does for the company. MacAfee, 2006) This statement defends my assertion that Ezra executives are currently looking at IT as an operational support function and fail to integrate and strategically place IT within the company. The central problem in this case exists not because things werent broken, but because no one (CEO or Head of IT) stepped up to the challenge of managing organizational change. Although Slogan was not officially appointed CIO, he was the head of IT, and with this responsib ility comes the need to be business intelligent.Slogan clearly did not look beyond his operational role and failed to define the companys IT needs as they applied to business strategy. Slogan failed to push Saras IT efforts to align with organizational needs and therefore failed as an IT leader which led to the major issues within Ezra. The authors of our text remark on page 36 that IT should be positioned as a strategic and competitive destiny making sure IT plans, actions and capabilities are clearly linked to company objectives.This simply is not occurring competently or proactively within the organization, as the conversations between Sanchez and Slogan only describe reactions to current concerns. Although Ezra is good at making IT work for them, they fail to see how IT can work with them in the future. I believe that Ezra executives misunderstand the role that IT should be playing within the company and this leads to Saras inability to arm a long term IT renewal plan fix to b usiness strategy.The fact that the executive and IT leadership teams within Ezra completely disregard the importance of proactive strategic planning and use decentralized brainstorming creates other major cause which leads to the central issue of poor business / IT integration. D. ) What are the possible solutions that should be considered? Solution 1 A more centralized executive decision making structure where IT decision making includes the CEO, COO, SCOFF and CIO Solution 2 Implementation of an IT leadership development program. Solution 3 Demoting Slogan and appointing a CIO with business management experience.So the question is how do each of these solutions respond to Saras lack of Business and IT integration and alignment? Solution 1 addresses this primary issue on a multitude of different levels. By centralizing, formalizing and collaborating decision making there will be a better sense of understanding and transparency amongst the units. This executive IT cooperation will create uncluttered communication which will result in stronger organizational awareness, and allow for clear, concise, definite business strategy formation.Once executives understand the essential business needs the technologies that are required come into play, consequently resulting in the desired business/ IT integration. This solution would be acceptable by Saras stakeholder because once implemented, a affirmatory domino effect of would occur These IT applications will reward the needs of store managers, who will be better able to suit their employees. With the accommodation and satisfaction of employees comes change customer service levels which equals success for all.Solution 2 responds to the central issue with the implementation of a long term resolution. The incorporation of an IT leadership development program will ultimately cultivate and nourish IT focused individuals and gear them toward business management. The authors of our text remark on page 11 that the most use ful thing any IT manager could possibly do is to push business smarts and tech smarts closer together. With the employment of a leadership development program Ezra will be investiture in the growth of individual talents that will eventually be equivalent to executive and IT collaborations.These future IT leaders will emerge with the IT/ Business integration mindset, olibanum saving he company time and money with ongoing integration efforts. This solution will be acceptable amongst stakeholders because it has potential to cut cost and summation productivity and fluidity of operations. As operations improve employees are more efficient and customers are better served. Solution 3 is a very direct approach of organization reformation. By demoting Slogan and appointing a new IT leader Ezra will gain fresh perspective regarding the role IT needs to play.Since Slogan has a very technical background he hesitates on promoting organization change. The appointment of a CIO will deliver form al dictation and distribution of objectives for IT to pursue. Because the new CIO will lack personal relationships within the department, he or she will be quick to act and ambitious to achieve. The new CIO will bring general management experience which will reduce the tech / business integration gap and essentially create value for Ezra. Increasing value within Ezra would again satisfy the need of all stakeholders involved. E. ) What is the ideal solution?The optimal solution to solving the absence of business and IT integration t Ezra is solution 2. Through the deployment and development of an IT leadership programs Ezra will ultimately build a continuous supply of IT leadership talent. This solution not only becomes part of the long term business strategy, but assists in the longevity and success of the organization. This solution makes more sense for Ezra because it develops a permanent solution to a variable problem. Solution 1 and 2 are respectable choices however these soluti ons only temporarily fix the major issues.Solution 1 can easily be effected by executive social glueyness and lack thereof while elution 2 is volatile due to the nature and fragility of organization reformation and changes in ownership. The implementation of solution 2 will be accomplished by (short term) mapping technologists and scouting talent (midterm) comprehensively assessing, evaluating and analyzing employees who show promise and potential and (long term) mentoring, planning, and training individuals to copiously understand the business the role of IT and the necessity of integration.Some potential consequences to implementing solution 2 will include the initial lead-time for the project to show exults may cost a few years the necessity to rebuild IT credibility within the company and industry new amongst seasoned technologist who arent geared toward leadership and resistance to periodic shifts in IT leadership as innovative and talented leaders take on new projects or role s.The result and outcome of an IT leadership development program will be the long term success and integration of business and IT functionalities within Ezra. By harnessing technologists and gearing personalities for management positions, Ezra will create huge value and sustainability for itself within the clothing sell manufacturing industry.

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Capacity utilization Essay

?Detailed in the Indalex Ltd. case analysis, current production is stretched to the limit, creating a capacity constraint to meet future forecasted demand hindering the firms documental of a real growth rate of ten percent annually. The issue of deciding on a capacity elaborateness plan, given uncertainty near near term economic projections was presented.Indalex concentrates on a competitive priority of service quality, where flexibility and quality are more of a priority than price. This is exposit in the case study where past and current success of Indalex is attributed to their competitive strategy being strictly based on three words service, service, service. Indalex set out out with the objective of offering a seven-day service, along with offering highly qualified assistance in designing selection for their customers.Valuing service quality, Indalex manages a closely working relationship with their customers, such as responding to needs even under short notice, demonstrat ing how Indalex understands their factories are an integral part of their customers factories. I feel that maintaining reputation along with meeting the growing demand of their existing customers is crucial to the service quality strategy of Indalex. In making a decision for the capacity expansion plan, an furiousness on insuring customer satisfaction and retention is of top priority.Given the options of either increasing capacity of their extrusion surgical procedure, increasing anodizing capacity, building a recycling establish to reprocess scrap aluminum, or ontogenesis capacity of both the extrusion and anodizing process a decision had to be made on which of the options should be through with(p) first, in order for the new piece of equipment to be available by the beginning of 1979. In regards to flexibility and quality, the option to either increase capacity of the extrusion, increase capacity of anodizing, or increasing capacity of both operations together offers machine flexibility.Having excess capacity would allow Indalex to better manage complex orders, last providing an advantage towards their focused service strategy. With the option of building a recycling sic, it would enable more process flexibility and better inventory management. However, this option would give in higher inventory holding costs, creating excess inventory of over a million dollars. Along with requiring new employees with specialized skillsets, the options of adding a recycling prepare wont solve the problem of increasing demand of customer.Anodizing requires the plant to run at full capacity in order to be efficient, along with dear(p) pollution control measures that would have to be taken. When looking into customer satisfaction and retention, customers will only be retained if Indalex increases capacity. When looking into capacity constraints, the extrusion process is the first area that I feel capacity constraints should be removed. With anodizing, the case details that much of the demand is a result from construction related work.If thither were a decrease in this area, anodizing operations would be effected. Unlike the extrusion process that allows Indalex to buy demand by offering a low declare oneself for high volume orders if needed, anodizing operations are much more limited in sourcing a demand. Therefore, I would chose the option of increasing capacity of the extrusion plant which is the best option to align Indalex with their ten percent growth objective, along with offering feasibility of meeting an increase in demand, with flexibility and quality of their service.This expansion will require more employees to be hired, which will also reduce the amount of overtime that is currently required. The risk associated with increasing capacity of the extrusion plant is the idea of the U. K. s economy not growing as rapid as predicted, leaving the question of what Indalex would do with the new press if it couldnt be filled naturally with de mand.

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Prefect Letter

I am writing to yourslef to express my enthusiasm for the position of a year 11 prefect. The role as prefect as i can see, is an (essential) part of representing the civilise which acts to help the schooldayss community and becoming a model of the schools junior pupils, but more over, I can see the role of prefect as a leading demonstration of the school to the outside world as prefects are thee best pupils in the school, therefore, a prefect has to be an all-round friendly person.Being an ell-round friendly prefect, would mean prefects would perplex to have great communication skills in which they wouldnt loose their temper whilst questioning a certain matter and would be able to perceive to what other prefects might want them to do. Being a good auditor is vital because prefects need to listen to teachers who set them tasks, and they must alship canal follow it. Prefects would have to listen to any concerns by pupils or teachers that are put forward when in the role as a pre fect. Also, prefects need to be a good all-round representative.This would mean having emaculkate unform and have manners when addressing teacher, pupils and visiors. Being a prefect would mean always addressing in a graceful manner. I have represented the school many of times duing my five years that i have attended St. Thomas Aquinas. I have helped at Open Evenings where i have had to represent a subject. I remember reprsenting science and i had to show children the experiment that i was in lade of and i had to be friendly towards them and approach them with an informative manner.I was once in the school dance club that takes place after school on Fridays and i have been able to show pupils and counsillors in our school that we have an excellent dance group. One dance i was involved in was, Chicago which feature ex-teachers Miss Garner and Miss Barnet. With an input from all dancers, the show turned out to be a success. I ahve also been in the school choir which involved perfor ming in masses, performing in a place where old people meet regularly and i have sung aboard Mr Weekes at the Atrix Theatre in which i had to wear school uniform to represent the school.I was on my best behaviour and feel that i represented the school well. When ever i had to perform and represent the school, i always helped people out and i always co-operated with enthusiasm. There are many other ways i have been part of a team, for instance doing group work is lessons in which i have had to co-operate and having to put forward any opinions which i would discuss further with my group. I feel that i would make a good refect because my communication skills have developed since working with BPM Media for my work experience. Ive learnt to be independent and to try everything that is put in front of me and to never say I CANT. I am also a very good listener because i am able to follow the rules at school and i have used my skill in my work experience placement and it has asleep(p) do wn as a great skill to have, especially in being a prefect.I have been classed as an ambassador of the school which is featurd in a praise log i got for ebglish for completing coursework before the deadline because i was able to knuckle down to the work. I think it is important to uphold school rules because school rules are important to all of us because they tell us how to act, give us directions, set stabdards for everyone and provide a safe climate. Every rule has a reason for being and should be followed consistently.For instance, all pupils have to have emaculate unform, with emaculate unform, it means out school is well represented and shows everyone outside of school the expectations of all pupils who attend. By applying for the position of prefect, i am looking to acquire responsibilities of level which i have never had, and so to constantly challenge myself to a higher level is what brings one true joy. I am, as you can see, raring to go, ready to offer my service to the s chool with the utmost of my abilities and in order awards that i exit treasure.

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Effects of computer games to students

The widespread belief that dopamine regulates pleasure could go down in history with the latest explore results on the role of this neurotransmitter. Researchers have proved that it regulates motivation, causing individuals to initiate and persevere to obtain something either positive or negative. The neuroscience journal Neuron publishes an article by researchers at the Universitat Jaume I of Castellon that reviews the prevailing theory on dopamine and poses a major paradigm shift with applications in diseases related to lack of motivation and noetic fatigue and depression, Parkinsons, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, etc.and diseases where there is excessive motivation and persistence as in the case of addictions.It was believed that dopamine regulated pleasure and reward and that we move around it when we obtain something that satisfies us, but in fact the latest scientific evidence shows that this neurotransmitter acts before that, it actually encourages us to act. In other w ords, dopamine is released in nightspot to deliver the goods something good or to avoid something evil, explains Merce Correa. Studies had shown that dopamine is released by pleasurable sensations but also by stress, pain or loss.These research results however had been skew to only highlight the positive influence, according to Correa. The new article is a review of the paradigm based on the data from several investigations, including those conducted over the chivalric two decades by the Castellon group in collaboration with the John Salamone of the University of Connecticut (USA), on the role of dopamine in the motivated behaviour in animals. The aim of dopamine depends on individuals, so some people are more persistent than others to achieve a goal.Dopamine leads to maintain the level of activity to achieve what is intended. This in principle is positive, however, it will always depend on the stimuli that are sought whether the goal is to be a good student or to abuse of drug s says Correa. High levels of dopamine could also explain the behaviour of the so-called sensation seekers as they are more motivated to act. Application for depression and addiction To sock the neurobiological parameters that make people be motivated by something is important to many areas such as work, education or health.Dopamine is now seen as a core neurotransmitter to address symptoms such as the lack of energy that occurs in diseases such as depression. Depressed people do not feel give care doing anything and thats because of low dopamine levels, explains Correa. Lack of energy and motivation is also related to other syndromes with mental fatigue such as Parkinsons, multiple sclerosis or fibromyalgia, among others. In the opposite case, dopamine may be involved in addictive behaviour problems, leading to an attitude of compulsive perseverance.In this sense, Correa indicates that dopamine antagonists which have been employ so far in addiction problems probably have not wor ked because of inadequate treatments based on a misunderstanding of the function of dopamine (http//www. sciencedaily. com/releases/2013/01/130110094415. htm) The do of a dopamine agonist on dysarthric speech production a case study.AbstractThe effect of Permax (pergolide mesylate), a dopamine agonist, was assessed in an individual with traumatic idea injury. The participant evidenced symptoms of hypokinetic dysarthria. His performance on and off Permax was evaluated in a BABA design. Measures were obtained across physiological systems. There were few differences in the on and off conditions. In the on condition, he evidenced an abnormally large velopharyngeal orifice area, dysfluencies in stimulus sentences, and less precise articulation. However, listeners perceived him to be more animated in the on condition. In addition, he reported better performance in the on condition.The study highlights electric potential discrepancies among participant report, listener perception, and o bjective measures. Learning outcomes As a result of this activity, the participant will be able (1) to recognize the effect of dopamine agonists as an adjunct to other pharmacological interventions and (2) to determine potential discrepancies among participant report, listener perception and objective physiological and acoustic measures. (Transitional Learning Center, Department of Communication Disorders, University of Houston, TX 77204-6018, USA. emailprotected edu/ http//www. ncbi. nlm. nih. gov/pubmed/11565961)

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Bereavement and Grief: Counsellling and Therapy

Bereavement and rue impacts people on many levels emotionally, biologically, sexually, economically, socially, and spiritually. In essence, all aspects of a bereaved person persons life are affected by sorrow. The lack of emphasis on the personal toll of therapy may lead to unprepared therapists conversely, having a personal preparedness for dealing with death issues, rather than simply being trained in tactics, seems to predict more effective bunk with grieving persons and amend self-efficacy on the part of therapists.This paper provides ex decennarysive research on the calamity and grief therapies. First, it examines various definitions of grief and mishap and differences between them. Then a signifier of theories related to these surgical processes are scrutinised and presented. Then different therapeutical approaches coping with bereavement and grief are explored. After that subject of this study is examined through lenses of two unstained psychotherapy theories Person -Centred and Cognitive Therapy. Finally, an integrated approach based on previous ones is presented.Some conclusive remarks are to a fault added. Definition of Bereavement and Grief Morgan (2000) and traced the words bereavement and grief back to the French word ravir and even further, to its root, the old Frisian word reva, which means to steal or to rob. Thus, in experiencing loss, one feels an acute guts of deprivation of a signifi suffert person in ones life. Morgan (2000) stated that grief is the price we pay for love it is the price we pay for aegis it is the price we pay for a sense of warmth and for a sense that our lives have meaning (p.1). Simply expressed, grief is the little kid inside of us protesting. Grief is that little kid inside of us thinking that if I yell loudly enough, if I scream loudly enough maybe my love one will come back (p. 1). While the terms grief and bereavement may be viewed as synonymous, some authors make a indication between them, generally def ining bereavement as the objective situation of having alienated someone significant (Stroebe, Hansson, Stroebe, & Schut 2001, p. 6).Grief is defined as the reaction to bereavement, the severe and elongate distress that is a response to the loss of an emotionally important figure (Weiss 2001, p. 47). Parkes (1970) offers a more detailed definition Grief, it seems, is a complex and time-consuming process in which a person gradually changes his view of the world and the places and habits by means of which he orientates and relates to it. It is a process of realization, of making psychologically real an out-of-door event which is not desired and for which coping plans do not exist (p.465). While grief is the internal experience of thoughts and feelings in response to the loss, bereavement can be described as the loss itself, and the process that expresses the internal experience of grief (Worden 2002). Thus, a person may be bereaved in having experienced a loss, but not directly exp eriencing grief, as in the stage of denial (Worden 2002). Bereavement is characterized most often by emotions of sadness, anger, guilt, loneliness and insecurity (Kubler-Ross 1969). Becker (1973) assert his belief in three possible responses to death.The first response is to deny the reality of death, to act as though it will not happen or is not important. The second response is to become mentally ill, to engage with death in a way that disregards societal and legal boundaries. The third response is to be heroic, to live life fully and to leave a legacy that upholds life and that honours ones existence (Becker, 1973). Original Theories of Bereavement Morgan (2000) stated that grief impacts people on many levels emotionally, biologically, sexually, economically, socially, and spiritually. In essence, all aspects of a bereaved persons life are affected by grief.Freuds (1917) seminal bereavement paper, Mourning and Melancholia, was the first to propose the necessity of doing grief wor k, which he defined as a cathartic process of reviewing and thus severing the psychological bonds to the deceased, in order to create room for a new attachment to a live person a withdrawal of the libido from this object and a displacement of it on to a new one (p. 249). Stroebe (1992) more recently defined grief work as a cognitive process of confronting a loss, of going everyplace the events before and at the time of death, of focusing on memories and working towards detachment from the deceased (pp. 19-20).Freud (1917) compared melancholia, which he considered pathological, to the practice process of mourning he argued that while twain share the same features of dejection, loss of interest, inhibition, and loss of capacity to love, melancholia was distinguished by its punitive and painful view of the self, during which the grieving person expects punishment (a belief which may reach delusional proportions). In mourning it is the world which has become poor and empty in melanc holia it is the ego itself (p. 246). The pathology becomes the conflict in spite of appearance the ego, as opposed to the normal struggle to reconcile the loss of the object.Freud introduced ambivalence as a necessary precursor to melancholia, implying that the quality of ones prior relationship to the deceased was an important factor. The ambivalence toward the lost object created a maelstrom in the grieving individual, who struggles to both detach and remain attached simultaneously. His assumption was that all people need to do the work of grieving, where every single one of the memories and situations of expectancy which demonstrate the libidos attachment to the lost object is met by the reality that the object no longer exists (Freud 1917, p. 255).Freud believed that the ego then became free and uninhibited (p. 245) once the grief work was completed, and ready to form a new attachment. While these were theoretical constructs, based on Freuds observations of grieving persons, th ey were untrue to be representative of the process of grieving and had implications for the bereavement field for many decades afterward. Freud himself even stressed that further study was needed to identify those who may be predisposed to develop melancholia, and that his paper was actually not addressing grieving, per se he was exploring dimensions of depression.The distinction between normal and pathological grieving was further explicated by Lindemann (1944), who interviewed hundred and one bereaved individuals from both an inpatient and outpatient population. Lindemann described the trajectory of normal grief as a fairly comparable phenomenon across patients, characterized by (1) somatic distress, (2) soaking up with the image of the deceased, (3) guilt, (4) hostile reactions, and (5) loss of patterns of conduct (p. 142).Lindemann observed that it was not unusual for people experiencing a normal grief reaction to resolve the immediate symptoms within four to six weeks with th e care of a psychiatrist. Lindemann (1944) viewed morbid grief reactions as a distortion of the normal grieving process. These pathological responses included a endure or distorted reaction to the loss (i. e. , overactivity, or no observable change in affect), somatic reactions that mimic the illness of the deceased, hostility against those perceived as responsible (i.e. , the loved ones physician), prolonged isolation from social supports, and intense self-persecution and desire to punish oneself, including suicidal ideation. Lindemann (1944) defined grief work as emancipation from the slavery to the deceased, readjustment to the environment in which the deceased is missing, and the formation of new relationships (p. 143). He believed that an obstacle to the successful resolution of grief was the avoidance of expressed emotional distress.Lindemann seemed by chance overly optimistic by stating that a person could be assisted through a morbid grief reaction in eight to ten intervi ew sessions, yet this may have been seen as a welcome departure from Freuds (1917) statement that mourning is long-drawn-out and gradual (p. 256). Furthermore, this could have been a precursor to the studies reinforcement the profile of the resilient individual (discussed in greater detail below). Anderson (1949) described the symptomology of 100 hospitalised bereaved patients under his care, who exhibited anxiety, hysteria, agitated and anergic depression, and hypomania.Anderson clearly endorsed the pathology of a delayed grief reaction, stating, It is obvious that such states of mind will pervert, distort and prolong the natural process of grief in reference to patients who were unable to cry or who appeared elated. Anderson (1949) also believed the necessity of understanding the bereaved patients relationship to the deceased, and endorsed that an ambivalent attachment would produce a conflicted and prolonged bereavement process.

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Priciples of Software Engineering Essay

Describe for each one law of nature in your own words. Illustrate with a practical example ? chalk law Requirement deficiencies be the ready source of trade union movement hardships Coming to my explanation Glass law states that if the basal fates of the projects is not constructed properly that may leads failure of the project. To achieve goals in the project it plays an vital role and any drawbacks may leads project unsuccessful. Around 20% of every last(predicate) IT project failures were ca employ by incomplete or badly managed requirements. Example Technological University-Online Practical TestsIn the case of technological university the requirements specifications for the online practical exams had been enforced without consulting students and university staff. This system was intented in such a demeanor that students affliated to that university are write the test test online at the same day and same time. Considering the requirements of the colleges were contrast ive an the project objectives were different. This leads to failure of the that project. Boehms first law Errors are most frequent during the requirements and design activities and are the more expensive the later they are removed.Coming to my explanation Boehms law states that the basic blueprint of the projects mat leads to errors and miscalculations. The sooner you find a problem, the cheaper it is to fix , otherwise to detect the errors in the project is very expensive or complicated . This law is relevant from midrange systems. Example City Council Pay Roll System A city council developed a replacement payroll system believed that users had comprehensive knowledge of all(a) the business requirements.But the current staff or IT team had participated in building the old system they had no knowledge of how it was built. That leads to many errors and it cause project failure. Boehms second law Prototyping (signifi loafertly) reduces requirement and design errors, especially for user interfaces. Coming to my explanation Boehms second law states that by prototype good example the disigning of the project and errors can be reduced. To design the system the staff will be educated . So that that will increase the usability of the system among users. ExampleIn a postgraduation course prototype frameworkling experiments were conducted . Some of them were used requirement driven approach and others are prototyping approach. This will leads to satisfaction for the client compare to all other methods. Davis law The value of a model dep shutdowns on the imagine taken, but none is best for all purposes. Coming to my explanation Davis law states that to describe systems requirements, it is very useful. This model is useful to solve the complicated tasks that other models find that difficult to solve. ExampleIn a system to solve the problems different methods were implemented. for each one task follows their methodolgies to solve the problems. At the end all the met hods got different results but there methodologies is useful to solve the problem. Your first task is to describe each software development methodology clearly and completely in your own words. You may use diagrams, examples or UML to help you do this. pissfall object lesson The falls model is a sequential software development process, in which progress is seen as flowing steadily downwards through the phases of conception, design, analysis, initiation ,testing and maintenance.This model is used in manufacturing industries and construction industries . It is highly structured physical environments in which after-the-fact changes are prohibitively costly, if not impossible. Since no formal software development methodologies existed at the time, this hardware-oriented model was simply adapted for software development. For example, one first completes requirements specification, which after sign-off are considered set in stone. When the requirements are fully completed, one procee ds to design. Spiral ModelThe spiral model is a software development process combining elements of both design and prototyping-in-stages, in an effort to combine advantages of top-down and bottom-up concepts. Each phase starts with a design goal and ends with the client reviewing the progress . Analysis and engineering efforts are applied at each phase of the project, with an eye toward the end goal of the project. The spiral model might mean that you have a rough-cut of user elements as an oper open application, add features in phases, and, at whatsoever point, add the final graphics.The Spiral model is used most often in large projects and needs constant review to stay on target. It can get their hands in and start working on a project earlier. Q3) Using the first four laws of the text, show where these are either implemented or missing in each software development methodology (Total Two). If a law is missing, explain the consequences and suggest how the process might be improve d. Water Fall Model Glass law Requirement deficiencies are the prime source of project failures. The end users gathered by requirements in waterfall model.It states that the basic requirements of the projects is not constructed properly that may leads failure of the project. The failures were caused by incomplete or badly managed requirements. Boehms first law Errors are most frequent during the requirements and design activities and are the more expensive the later they are removed. It basic designing of the projects mat leads to errors and miscalculations. In waterfall model this law cannot be able to correct the errors. This law is not reliable for waterfall model. Boehms second law Prototyping (significantly) reduces requirement and design errors, especially for user interfaces. This law cannot be able to correct the errors in waterfall model. The design phase would be reduced by prototype modelling. Davis law The value of a model depends on the view taken, but none is best for all purposes. The purpose of this model is not suitable for this law. Spiral Model Glass law Requirement deficiencies are the prime source of project failures In waterfall model risk analysis is conducted on the prototype. By this if they need any requirement it will included in next stage.Boehms first law Errors are most frequent during the requirements and design activities and are the more expensive the later they are removed. In spiral model each phase starts with a design goal and ends with the client reviewing the progress . The risks were eliminated after number of stages. Boehms second law Prototyping (significantly) reduces requirement and design errors, especially for user interfaces. In spiral model it will design the prototype. and construct and design the prototype. The analysis and engineering efforts are applied at each phase of the project.

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Dark Were The Tunnels Essay

A Change in HumanityGeorge R. R. Martins short fabrication, Dark, Dark Were The Tunnels, is one of the pieces include in John Joseph Adams compilation of apocalyptic short stories titled Wastelands stories of the apocalypse. This tier is non a tralatitious story of the apocalypse it is not about military manitys attempt to survive immediately afterward an apocalyptic event, in a changed environ workforcet. Nor is it a story about how humans are affected emotionally and struggle to live day to day. Instead this is a story about how humanity has already passed its struggle and has fitted to its new world so that large number may easily live and build a civilization in their changed environ workforcet. Greel, the protagonist for the initiative half of this story, is a member of a portion of the human population that burrowed underground in order to escape the apocalyptic wasteland of the surface of the earth. There is, however, some other group of humans who escaped to a plac e called Luna in order to survive the apocalypse. When two men from Luna venture in to the tunnels to look for any sign of survivors, they chit-chat Greel. The people of Luna are virtually unaltered by the apocalypse. However, the tunnel people give way adapted to their new environment, with large photosensitive eyes, pale skin, immense limbs and telepathic abilities. The explorers are shocked and disgusted by Greels appearance because he no semipermanent looks like they do in their eyes he is no longer a human being. The beast in the pool of light was small, barely over four feet. Small and sickening. There was something vaguely manlike about it, but the proportions of the limbs were all wrong, and the hands and feet were grotesquely malformed. And the skin, the skin was a sickly, maggoty white. (Adams 97).The theme of this story is the how differences between two groups of people can result in problems between the two groups. This storys strengths are first that you get to s ee the kindred event from the point of view of two antithetic characters. First you come to understand Greel, a member of the new underground species of humans then you see the same events from the point of view of the people who escaped into post. This gives you an interesting understanding of how much humans have been changed by their apocalypse becoming he two types of humans arenow so various that they cannot communicate with each other. The second strength of the story is the way that Greel is introduced to the ratifier. If the story had started with a description of Greel than the reader might not have been able to sympathize with him. However by having his point of view first it makes the reader take Greels side and sympathize with him despite how he looks. The weakness of this story was that it did not command many background details. It did not explain how the humans who escaped the apocalypse by going into space managed to do this. Also the details that it did give a bout Greels civilization were confusing because they were not explained in detail, moreover speaking briefly about fighting through the bad levels and climbing up through tunnels. However, a lack of detail is common in short stories because it is difficult to fit in a hoi polloi of background information while still keeping the story interesting and short. The importance of this story is that it shows the long effects of an apocalyptic event on humanity. Humans have been completely changed by an apocalyptic event, so much so that the people who did not experience this event are shocked and horrified by what the changed group of humanity has become. They no longer consider each other a part of the same species they are now too different from each other. This is a unique story in the appeal of apocalypse stories because it shows how a normal person, someone unaffected by the apocalypse, reacts to a person who has been changed by the apocalypse.This story shows how the two types o f people can no longer understand each other. Dark, Dark Were The Tunnels does not talk about the original struggles of the people who burrowed into the earth to escape the apocalypse, such as an inability to find nourishment and the emotional impact of being trapped underground, instead it talks about how the people who have adapted to their new situation have created an entirely new civilization in their new environment. They are no longer the same group that fled underground they have changed almost entirely. This is a story of these new people, people who were irrevocably changed by the apocalypse, meeting people who were not changed at all. The interaction between them does not remainder well for either party. They no longer speak the same language so they cannot communicate, they do not look the same physically, and both think that the other has a limited intelligence. The humans from Luna believe that Greel is underweight from his time underground and Greel does notunderst and why he cannot form a connection with the minds of the men from Luna, something that only happens with animals. Neither side understands the other and this results in Greel killing the humans from Luna because they killed his hunting rat, wrongly cerebration that it was dangerous. Overall this story was a successful. It does belong in Wastelands because it tells the story of the aftermath of an apocalyptic event. It was made take place that there had been an apocalypse, saying that there had been a war making the surface of the planet unlivable for a long time. This apocalypse is what led to the change in the human population that burrowed underground. The story is not a about the immediate effects of the apocalypse, it is a story about the aftereffects of an apocalypse.Work CitedAdams, John Joseph. Wastelands Stories of the Apocalypse. San Francisco Nightshade Book, 2008. Print.

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Nutritional knowledge Essay

Discussion (guide 2000) The results on knowing the meaning of BMI, it has been shown through the Chi-squargon test that there is no evidential relationship between being obese and knowledge of this item. The same results were yielded for knowledge of fibre-rich food, recommended chance(a) intake of fruits, and recommended daily intake of breads and cereals, which also had insignificant results in the Chi-square. The knowledge items which yielded a significant result in the Chi-square embroil recommended intake for various sources and reading labels.Health Behaviours Examining the t-test results, most health behaviours prove to be significant. On the scrap of glasses consumed daily, the normal weight chemical group had a higher average, indicating greater consumption. On the consideration of health in choice of food, there is no significant difference between the two groups. The same cause is observed on the time of taking supper. For time of sleeping, the obese group seems to sleep at a later time. Moreover, the normal weight group has a higher frequence of exercise sessions.The obese group also has more frequent intake of meals crisps sweets, chocolate or desert sweetie beverages low kilogram calorie drinks instant noodles and deep fried food. No such difference was noted between the two groups for frequency of eating snacks. The present study does suggest significant differences in the knowledge, lifestyles, and behaviours of normal and obese samples. This suggests that cognition, affect, and behaviour are meaningfully interlinked and that one affects the other.

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Fashion industry Essay

I have constantly been interested in carriage and the personal manner industry. For my Graduation Project I decided that I should do something that falls into that category. In my project I will research how fashion impacts teenagers. I have observe that many teen fashion magazines have a huge impact on teens, because many teens sense of smell up to the girls inside and on the cover of the magazines. I feel as though it relates to me because I am a teenager and I feel as though fashion does have a macro effect on us. In my paper I will first research self-expression through fashion. I will research the social/economic status of teenage fashion and identity. I also externalise on researching the fashion influences from media on teens. Im going to look into the c arer options that go along with this field in research also.I intend on using videos, magazines, the internet, books, and hopefully interviews with people who are already working in this field. For my action plan, I am going to do a fashion show in my community. I havent fully decided on what the theme of my fashion show will be. I also would like to interview different teenagers and ask questions based on my topic. I would like to see what they think about fashion affecting them from their point of view also. another(prenominal) idea I had for my action plan is to join Pittsburgh Youth Invasion. It is an program at The Andy Warhol Museum that holds fashion shop classs to attend. During the store you can come up with your own design and learn how to make it. At the end of the workshop there will be a fashion show that will allow you to model your design. I understand the definition and consequences of plagiarism.

My Idea of Leadership

My idea of sensationership without dominating is world satisfactory to inspire others, motivate, set a vision, communicate, and of course respect others. A leader must support an go offdid understanding of who they are, what they know, and what they are cap commensurate of. To be a successful leader, you have to be able to convert your followers, not just yourself or your superiors, that you are worthy of being followed. In my opinion, this can build corporate trust in your followers to have faith in you, in order to be able to lead. I strongly believe that commodity leaders are made rather, and not born.If you have the desire and willpower, you can become an effective leader. Good leaders are developed through a never cease process of self-study, education, training, and experience. My personal experience as a volunteer with the Kids against Hunger Program has allowed me to demonstrate being a leader without dominating the event. As a volunteer, I often would work with peop le with various capabilities and personalities. I learned if you respected the ideas of others they would respect you and often times my thoughts and suggestions would set the tone of the initiative and others would follow.As a student you take on many responsibilities to include attending school, the completion of assignments on time, and studying. Responsibility direction that I will show up to school on time and ready to learn I will pay attention in class and I will be responsible for fashioning sure I am participating in class and not relying on others to get me through. I realize that being responsible does not always mean that I will always come upon my goals, but being responsible and oriented helps me to better accomplish the tasks ahead of me.I take total office for my life and would rather succeed than fail. A successful leader is one that is responsible knows their strengths and weakness and is able to set realistic and attainable goals. Attendance is a frame of mind and a leadership attribute in that your desire to learn sets you a part from others. This is the frame of mind I strive for on a daily basis. Participating in classroom discussions, volunteering at my part time job to fetching on added responsibilities, to being a team player in DECA and helping with fund raising for children that have muscular dystrophy.My experience has taught me that community involvement can lead to leadership roles. Often times when you whole tone forward and out of your comfort zone you are being your self-worth for the type of individual you will be in the future. A recent group project in History class is a good example where each individual had specific responsibilities however without an individual leader our group was unable to groom our ideas. I took this opportunity to step forward and volunteered to become the group leader, obtaining the cooperation of the other team members, which ultimately lead to our successful completion.

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Sup Wumpy

urge on 2 tally to the slide show I throw away developed an interest in many different foods and would like to try all of them except for the cinnamon. cinnamon kills people. Cinnamon is too small for the human body to swallow and when trying to do it you choke to final stage, and so the cinnamon challenge. Otherwise I go through no interest in any of the other foods on that list. There is mavin food, however, that I absolutely adore. Back in the old days my family always love to go out for dinner. No matter what, it was what always run a risked.In fact one time I went to Dennys and got a free shirt and meal because I went there almost any day. Dennys isnt just a place to eat. For me it is a way of life. Im not the only one either. Tons of friends love Dennys as much as I and sometimes we party unitedly at Dennys. every time I go I order a grandslamwich with a cheek of hash browns and lemonade. It all tastes so sweet and delicious and savory that I almost never contend when to stop eating. Sometimes when I order I just say the usual and everyone knows exactly what to go about.It wasnt always like that though. My dad, back in his youth, had always ordered me a grandslamwich horizontal though I never liked it but after some time I grew attached to the mouthwatering treat. I would go to sleep every night with my window open and I would st atomic number 18 at the twinkling balls of blank hiding up in the beautiful night sky. wondering when the next encounter would happen the encounter with the restaurant of the gods. Now that I grow older and wiser, I realize that Dennys does have some drawbacks.I assume that since Dennys has no superior in the restaurant business, it cannot be all hugs and kisses, without in time knowing anything virtually this I can prove it. Newtons third Law States that Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Therefore Dennys cannot be simply amazing in every way. I did some research on this subject and found out th at a grandslamwich is about 1500 calories. This is about the size of three big macs. That explains a lot since a big mac basically bows mastered at the feet of the almighty GRANDSLAMWICHNo matter what a grandslamwich will always be my favorite food. Prompt 4 Potato starch contains resistant starch,and may be facilitatory in go oning colon cancer. According to this article, the potato actually has a very large effect on cancer, which I had assumed that it did. Potatoes atomic number 18 a staple in diets all over the world and it seems that they can even help hold cancer This is a very logical fact. Potatoes are as old as time itself and are especially important in the diet of the average American diet.If potatoes caused cancer a lot more than people would be dead than just those who have already been unlucky enough to fall dupe to this atrocity of diseases. Who ever thought about writing an article about this was a very chummy thinker to ask whether or not potatoes of all thin gs cause cancer. This was very interesting nevertheless even though I had started out expecting it to be terribly and agonizingly boring. Also if potatoes had vitamins in them (or whatever) that caused cancer, wouldnt they be cooked out like the alcoholic content in cooking or even the vitamins that help prevent it?In the great words of Biff Cmon think McFly think (If you dont get the reference you are dead to me. ) There is a reason that potatoes help prevent cancer, the reason beingness Potato starch contains resistant starch. Resistant starch helps maintain healthy digestion and may be helpful in preventing colon cancer. Bacteria in the colon ferments resistant starches and produces short-chain fatty acids one of them being Butyrate. Butyrate alike has anti-tumor effects because it seems to inhibit tumor cell development and causes tumor cell differentiation and cell death in colorectal cancer cells.

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Enculturation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Enculturation - Essay ExampleI was non a little kid, and my mother did not need to say that grandpa would not come to walkover with me. I became very sad, and my mother openly talked with me and explained that when our closest people died, they went to a better place. It was difficult for me to commit that grandpa was actually dead. It was the first time I experienced finish in my family circle. I had seen death in cartoon and movies, but it was so distant that I had no idea how to cope with flavours cogitate to the loss. Discussion with my mother helped me to understand that our closest people stayed with us in our memories even when they died. She comforted me and showed that she in any case was sad. Perhaps, her understanding was more helpful than words in that situation.When grandpa died, the atmosphere in our family changed. Parents did not caper or spent their days as usual. They also wore more gruesome clothing items to show that they were mourning. They were involve d in the preparation for funerals and had to arranged many things. The organization of the funeral had to be fast and perfect, so my parents paid oftentimes attention to it. I had already observed many things related to the formal part of the funeral, so I did not require additional explanations concerning my behavior.I had more problems with coping with death emotionally. It was difficult to express the feeling of loss because it was so deep. My parents told me that during the funerals people were not expected to hide their feelings. On the contrary, the whole procedure was designed to expressed their sadness. From the movies and observations I had already known that people would be sad some of them would cry. Being 10 years old, I understood how I was expected to behave during the funeral. Even though some of our relatives arrived with kids, it was not the right place to discuss something or play.All people who arrived at the funeral were dressed in black or dark

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ARID REGIONS IN JORDAN Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

ARID REGIONS IN JORDAN - Essay Example(Tarawneh et al 2008) Background In workouts of piss supply in Jordan, agriculture consumes 68%, patience gets only 4% and balance is meant for individual consumption. Source Ministry of Water and Irrigation, HKJ. Reference http// Along with scant water resource, Jordan is suffering from non availability of natural energy sources such(prenominal) as oil, natural gas, and coal. Thus, Jordans water paradox becomes more critical. Some of the demographics of the Jordan are worth enumerating Area Total 92,300 sq km Water 329 sq km defeat 91,971 sq km Population Distribution 38% in capital of Jordan 34% in Irbid and Zarqa and 28% in the remainder of Jordan. ( About Jordan 2011) Looking at the present water scarcity and the population growth of the Jordan, multi ramose strategy is required to increase the supply of water for domestic consumption and surplus to be diverted to agriculture and industries. Options Various options are to be exploited based on the cost, availability of technology and meter required to implement the plan. However, some of the options are essential to exploit to authorize the water availability to a decent level. Short term measures are required to be put in to action as they are must before thinking about any other long term solutions. short-term Measures Replacing All Piping and Revamping Distribution Systems Stopping leakages and the spillages is essential and important need of an hour to make the optimum use of water. The distribution of water in Jordan is done through GI piping. The life of such piping is not found to be more than 15-20 years. It gets eat during the period. It has been observed that total supplied water neer reaches to the end users in full. A huge part of the supplied water is finished in leakages due to corroded piping. The replacement of the piping should be carried out at the earliest as water is precious and cannot be allowed to wa ste in this way. Currently, High density polyethylene piping is a most convenient room of carrying the water for domestic supply. These piping lasts more than 100 years and quite sturdy and noncorrosive in nature. underground Recharging with Rain Water Underground recharging with rain water throughout the region is the foremost necessity in a bid to tackle the water crisis. This option should be taken on priority cornerstone and the community should be taken into confidence while implementing such plans as their involvement is necessary. Rain water as surface water in lakes or canals will have much higher vaporization losses and needs to be preserved through underground recharging. The neighbouring country Israel has successfully made the exceed use of artificial recharge technique and in a single year, way back during 1967-68, had recharged all over 100,000,000 cubic meter of rain water. (Harpaz, Yoav 1971) Recycling and Treating the Domestic Streams for Agricultural Use In o rder to prolong the water, the next step in line is to collect all used water from the town of Amman and taken to a nearby treatment facility where all suspended impurities will be remote and then to be treated for domestic pollutants. The treated water then is suitable for agricultural use and should be released to farms through pipe lines. This will conserve the fresh water for domestic purposes. In outlook of the shortages of fresh potable water for domest

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Reproductive cycle of an HIV virus Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Reproductive cycle of an human immunodeficiency virus virus - Essay ExampleThe second stage is the fusion phase. After attaching to the CD4 glycoprotein, the membrane of the virus fuses with the mobile phone membrane. The fusion of the two membranes gives way for the virus to enter the host immune cell.Reverse transcription is the third gear stage. When the virus enters the cell, it releases an enzyme attributable to human immunodeficiency virus called reverse transcriptase. The enzyme alters the genetic structure of CD4 thus changing the structure from human immunodeficiency virus RNA to human immunodeficiency virus DNA. This change produces an alteration that allows the virus to enter into the centre of the CD4 cell. The entry of the virus into the nucleus is precedes its combination with the cell DNA.Replication marks the fifth stage of the reproduction of the HIV virus. Immediately afterward integration, the HIV in the CD4 cell uses the cells mechanism to replicate itself by making coarse chains of HIV proteins. The long chains form a basis for the evolution of more HIV (Duzgunes 4).The sixth stage is assembly. After the formation of the HIV proteins, the HIV RNA and the proteins move to the superficial part of the host cell. Once at the surface of the cell, the two assemble into mild form of the HIV virus.Lastly, the HIV virus enters the budding stage. This stage is characterized by the movement of the mild form of the virus out of the CD4 cell. The latterly assembled virus then releases enzyme protease. The enzyme breaks up the long protein chains that constitute the mils and immature virus. The smaller pieces of the chains proteins combine and result into the formation of a mature and highly infectious HIV

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Articles of Change Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Articles of switch over - Research Paper ExampleLabor Market Effects of Wal-Mart Expansion, by Basker (2008), the rationale for change entails trends in the labor market as Wal-Mart operations expand.Need for change is influenced by variant factors in the organizational setting. In Aparna, Hui, and Hyuntaks text, streamlined employment laws and regulations act as the external pressure driving the implicit in(p) change. On the other hand, change in Baskers text is driven by market forces in the labor market as business expansion creates job opportunities.In the contemporary times, globalization is more and more becoming a critical pressure behind need for change. In the two publications presented above, this pressure is basically in play. International linkages and relations have redesigned labor markets across the globe, and they have also influenced global demographics in the workplace (Leslie & Linda, 2012).The chosen publications exhibit both commonalities and differences. B oth articles address trends in the labor market. While the scratch one focuses on workplace demography, the second one evaluates growth and development of the labor force correction to organizational expansion. Therefore, different approaches ar employed to capture trends in labor demand and supply.Change in the organizational context is designed to enhance organizational performance. In this respect, an organization pursues change as it deems it necessary relative to the set organizational goals and objectives. Therefore, all organizational changes are legitimate, but what matters is their urgency.The urgency of organizational change is influenced by the actual operations that constitute the change. In the light of the chosen publications, changes regarding workplace demography are more urgent than shifts in labor demand and supply that are triggered by organizational expansion. This is because expansion plans can spread over a long period of time, within which workplace demogr aphy is

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Rewriting Pension History. Some big firms move to recognize Gain or Case Study

write Pension History. Some big firms move to recognize Gain or tone ending in the course of instruction they occur - Case Study ExampleInstead, these companies would now take into account such grow as well as losses in the corresponding year of their incurrence. The mentioned companies did so, in order to make their income step superior in the upcoming years. The companies claim that the trade would make their income reporting additionally transparent and that the habitual low rate of interest made this a suitable point in time for the change in practice. The change in the practice is on the face of the criticisms for the fact that the present accounting regularization can have a meditateable impact on the income of the companies for years.The current accounting system concerning the pension assets are very ambiguous and do not provide any information to an investor about the gains or losses in the pension assets in a particular year. The actual gain or loss of a particula r year is significantly affected referable to the distribution of the previous years gain or loss values over a period of time. This practice propagated by Financial report Standards Board does not comply with the matching principle either.For instance, Honeywell, AT&T and Verizon had huge values of unrecognised losses as on 2009, viz. 55%, 49% and 43% of the pension assets respectively. The non-recognition of these losses on the income statement of 2009 would have an impact on the actual earnings of the companies in the coming years. Though these companies consider the latest mark-to-market strategy to be preferable due to its simplicity, the anticipated rise in the interest place could also help their pension plans. The high rate of interests would lower the value of the companies future pension obligations due to the discounting effect. The reduced pension obligation would result in lowered interest expense to be paying(a) by the companies and hence enhance the performance o f the pension assets and lead to superior earnings.However, this change involves potential pretend for the shareholders of the

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Humor Depending Upon the Social Norms and Acceptable Standards Essay

Humor Depending Upon the Social Norms and Acceptable Standards - Essay ExampleEvery floriculture around the world has its own taste of humor depending upon the social norms and acceptable standards o*f morality. some(prenominal) the standards, human beings ar naturally inclined towards enjoying humour in matters of daily life. Depending upon the available means of communication, antithetical forms of humour have been developed in human societies. From humorous stories to stage performances, there is a bulky variation in the manner by which humorous ideas atomic number 18 communicated. Humour serves the purpose of connecting people in a manner that leaves them satisfied and happy. A novel idea is the creation of pranks to allow strangers to pop off spell of this activity and in doing so create a situation that makes the audience laugh. Vitalyzd is famous for making pranks that absorb common bypassers or strangers, and in doing so makes them become part of an activity that is amusing for the viewers. Such pranks are interesting due to the fact that they are performed in real-life scenarios with real people who are not expecting themselves to become part of an activity that is recreational for others. Hence, such(prenominal) people perform in a natural manner, declaim in a natural way and react to situations in completely natural ways. These natural reactions are reflections of the cultural processes that are norms of that society. The pranks created by vitalized are also reflective of the prevailing cultural trends in society. The pranks usher out also take into account ongoing events and political or social situations and allow the participants to respond to such events in a natural way, thereby allowing expression of hidden emotions.

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The Unlikely Secret Agent Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

The Unlikely occult Agent - Essay ExampleEleanors race, class and sexual practice affected how others saw and treated her in ways that were advantageous and disadvantageous to her, and these advantages would not have been apply for working-class black men also, however different she may be to those directly affected by apartheid, she was still effective in opposing it because she showed that these differences did not justify the inhumanity of apartheid, and that her race, class, and gender also light-emitting diode to similar experiences of oppression.Eleanors race and class are advantages for her because they helped her elude suspicions and maltreatment. Eleanor is not black or a Jewish man, but a Scottish woman who is romantically involved with a Jew. Because of her race, she evaded the initial roundups of the Secret Police who targeted male Jews and blacks first. In addition, her race had been a good source of prevention of police atrocity that normally showed against anti-apa rtheid demonstrators. Eleanor remembered that it was possible that without the presence of the white couple, Harold and Maggy Strachan, heading a rally and facing armed policemen contrive to fire, another massacre of black working-class protesters would have followed the Sharpville Massacre (39). Because of her class, she also earned some form of respect. As a upper-middle-class South African, she was also not an immediate target of suspicion, for how many middle-class people would sacrifice their comfortable social status for the risks involved in fighting against the apartheid? In addition, Eleanor had a bookstore, and so she was also able to order subversive books from America and use it as a see line for sending and receiving messages for ANC members. Her class provided money and social status that enabled her to serve the ANC and to end apartheid.As a woman, Eleanor also accessed greater social support, respect, and care than men. Eleanors gender was a source of social supp ort. She remembered beingness imprisoned

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Government, Market Forces and Renewable Energy Systems (RES) Essay

Government, Market Forces and Renewable ability Systems (RES) - Essay ExampleTo tackle this issue globally in that respect have been recent researches in the concern of humor change mitigation, use of renewable resources, and energy economics. Climate mitigationrelates to activities associated with the alleviation of the potentially poisonous aftereffects of global thawing by implementing policies to reduce GHG emissions and enhance sinks (Verbruggen, A., IPCC Glossary Working Group III, annex I, 818). The UN delineates climate mitigation as a form of human intervention to reduce the sources or enhance the sinks of nursery gases ( join Nations, Glossary of climate change acronyms, 2011).Examples for mitigation include using renewable energy resources like principal or solar power, judicious use of fossil fuels in industries or for production of electric power, bettering twistinsulation, afforestationand increasing the number of other sinks that would displace larger amounts ofatmospherical carbon dioxidefrom the atmosphere (ibid). ... However, an April 2011 report shows that the atmospheric volume level of carbonic acid gas by itself is 393 ppm, while increasing at an average annual value of 1-3 ppm (Direct Air Capture of carbonic acid gas with Chemicals, 2011, 4). Therefore, to avoid violating the target set at 2 C target, the levels of CO2 in atmosphere must necessarily be stabilised as soon as possible, though it is unlikely that the set target would be achieved soon (Adam, World will not meet 2oC warming target, climate change experts agree, 2009). However, a majority of the nations consider mitigation strategies for greenhouse gas emissions as expensive, and there is a widespread debate regarding mitigation costs and the nature of costs-distribution of climate change mitigation, amongst the developed, the developing, and the underdeveloped nations. Ensuring climate change and energy supply security are the core concerns for a majority of the worl ds policymakers aiming to frame a worldwide energy system that is sustainable in nature. 1 Climate sort To meet the EU target of keeping global temperature rise below 2oC, the volume of atmospheric CO2 equivalents must be kept within volume limits of 445 - 490 ppm, as expressed in the 2007 report of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panelon Climate Change (IPCC, 2007). In 2005, greenhouse gas emission concentration had already reached CO2 equivalents of 450 ppm, owe to which IPCC had appraised in the report that greenhouse gas discharge must reach its highest level latest by 2015 (ibid). The report also suggested that greenhouse gas emissions must be decreased by 5085% by 2050 (relative to the figures recorded in 2000), and the reductions made must be nearer to 85% to avoid

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Early Formation of Our Government The United States of America Essay

Early Formation of Our Government The United States of the States - Essay ExampleThe other was the printing in covenants. Puritans believed that covenants existed non only between God and man, but also between man and man. The Pilgrims had utilize covenants in establishing their congregations in the Old World. The Mayflower Compact is such a covenant in that the settlers agree to form a government and be bound by its rules.X A new evaluate was imposed on completely the American colonists in 1765, which is known as the stamp act. This act states that all the American colonists should pay a tax on every piece of printed paper. The reason of the tax is to subscribe and protect the American frontier near the Appalachian Mountains, where 10, 000 troops were stationed to accomplish the task.The actual cost of the roll Act was relatively small. What made the law so offensive to the colonists was not so much its present(prenominal) cost but the standard it seemed to set. In the past, taxes and duties on colonial trade had always been viewed as measures to ascertain commerce, not to raise money.X Yep, July 4, 1776 was the day when the unanimous declaration of the thirteen United States of America was passed. It is also considered the Indep suppressence day of America. The struggle which was started in the start of the eighteenth century was come to the end at a positive note.In a nutshell, Americans did a lot to get the independence from the colonists, who were not loyal to the people of North

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International human rights Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

International human rights - Essay ExampleConsultation with employees is with their representatives and non individual employees. The definition and role of the representative body will depend on national decree and workplace practices1.Collective bargaining is to be employed at the workplace, in order to resolve disputes amid(prenominal)st employers and employees. Various policies relating to workplace have been implemented by the statute, and the employer can include certain policies at his discretion. This guiding was implemented by the Information and Consultation Regulations, whose precedent was the European Works Council Directive of 19942.The new-fashioned directive will require the UK to provide a universal right to its employees in various establishments and undertakings. Integration of the new directive into the national legislation of the UK will require the government to enact a universal statutory framework for employees. Transposition of the EU intercommunicateati on and consultation Directive means that the UK now has, for the first time, a general statutory framework giving employees the right to insist on being informed and consulted by their employers on a range of key business, employment and restructuring issues3.The existing legislative strategy of the government is providing great flexibility to employers while responding to the EU Regulations. Employers can initiate negotiations on agreements that are specifically designed for organizations4.Since the mid 1970s employers in the UK have faced legal obligations, emanating mainly from EU Directives, to inform and consult with employees on specific issues, such as redundancies and business transfers5. They are under a legal duty to inform and consult with their employees, in respect of certain policy matters, such as redundancies and business transfers. In the category 1994, the ECJ ruled that employers were under an obligation to consult and

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Case blue nile Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Case blue nile - Essay ensampleSWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis deals with examining the internal and external factors impacting the actions and performance of the organization. While strengths and failinges can be identified by scrutinizing the internal factors, opportunities and threats are revealed by investigating the various macro environmental aspects like political, social, economic, legal and environmental forces.The biggest strength of Blue Nile is its ability to keep its costs under control. The attach to has a vast soldiery of products in its repertoire and thus provides its customers a wide choice. It has an economical supply chain, a lean hierarchy and does not give any mark up to the wholesalers and retailers. All these aspects help Blue Nile to keep its operational costs low. The online retailer boasts of exceptional customer service. Blue Nile provides grading reports on its website that en qualifieds customers to leveraging just the adept kind of jewelry. Every diamond marketed by Blue Nile is graded either by the Gemological Institute of the States (GIA) or by the American Gem Society Laboratories (AGSL).Blue Nile also maintains favorable relations with its suppliers. The company has managed to ink pacts with numerous suppliers and therefore is not dependent on one particular supplier for the purchase of diamonds.Blue Nile offers its customers more than 60, 000 diamonds and hundreds of settings. However, the company derives majority of its revenue from the sale of engagement rings. The company has not been able to chalk out a strategy to increase the percentage of consumers to buy jewelry items online.Another weakness is that the companys net profit margin at 4.2 percent is very low oddly when compared to the net profit margin of 9.8 percent at Tiffany. Blue Nile provides trust, guidance and value to its customers. These features are straightway being provided by its competitors as well.If

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Discussion Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 32

Discussion - Coursework ExampleStaffing is a major factor hindering the explore practice session and evidence-based practice in my workplace. It is very difficult for an individual to implement EBP on their own rather there is need of teamwork and consultations. With the limited number of staff, it, therefore, makes the process difficult, as there is limited time and an change magnitude workload for research and EBP utilization. Another factor that hinders the adoption of research utilization and evidence-based practice is the unavailability of the inevitable resources and control at the workplace. Moreover, there is a poor culture and leadership in EBP adoption qualification the process quite challenging to achieve. In attainment of the appropriate culture, it is crucial for the organization to hire professionals who support and demonstrate commitment to the process, as health care practitioners who have a commitment to research and EBP utilization are able to achieve excelle nt patients care (MacDougall & Riley, 2010). It is also essential for the organization to recognize individuals take part in research and EBP to provide a clear message on the importance of the practice in the workplace.Brazil, K., Royle, J. A., Montemuro, M., Blythe, J., & Church, A. (2004). Moving to evidence-based practice in long-term care the role of a Best Practise imagery Centre in two long-term care settings. Journal of Gerontological Nursing, 30, 1419.MacDougall, M., & Riley, S. C. (2010). Initiating undergraduate medical examination students into communities of research practise what do supervisors recommend? BMC Medical Education, 10, 83.

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International Port Security. (Freight, shippment studies) Essay

International Port Security. (Freight, shippment studies) - bear witness ExampleThe plagiarism and the armed robbery of ships belong to such crimes at ocean.Last years the global terrorism has left the national frameworks and has turned into a problem of a world scale, becoming peerless of the most dangerous and unpredictable criminal actions. Sea objects often become the targets of terrorist organizations for putting pressure upon the governments of diverse countries. Though in the issue these actions do not lead to achievement of results desirable by terrorists, tout ensemble of them involve peoples sufferings, and up to now worst human victims, and cause a evidentiary material damage.Piracy is irregular actions against navigation in the waters outside of national jurisdiction of this or that country. It belongs to one of the most quaint threats to the vital interests of the states, representing direct real danger to navigation and, first of all, to the rights of each p erson to life, to freedom, and to inviolability.Modern piracy is a child of criminal organizations. Some kind of trans-national corporations, which are engaged in traffic of drugs, weapon, contraband, now come into operation on the ocean. The first one of their revenues is a piracy in traditional thought of the word. The second and, perhaps, more essential is the fulfilment of orders of big business. It is generally known that monopolies wage cruel contend with each other. And frequently monopolists in order to overcome the competitor, to get ahead of it, to shambling it weaker by do some material damage recourse to services of pirates. Making illegal actions, criminals not however short-change some material values, but also use power that cause damage to peoples health and even murders. Actions of terrorists, which aspire to reach their purposes, at the expense of life of harmless people are similar.In order to gather in a possibility to struggle the terrorist and pirates at tacks and to ensure secure maritime operations both at the sea and ashore it has been worked out the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code. Let us make analysis of the Code and its implementation.ISPS Code and its ImplementationWhat is ISPS Code From the beginning of the 1980s the problem of safety at sea has become a subject of constant attention of the international governmental and nongovernmental organizations. As it was mentioned above the only way to get a result in the battle with various unlawful acts at sea is to combine the efforts of both governmental and nongovernmental organizations of all states. First of all let us consider overview of the relation obligations of ISPs and network operators in selected EU countries made by Patrick Camerer Cuss (2007). He provided the analysis of Security breaches in different EU countries.The UKWhen must you discloseTo whom must you discloseDoes National Law state what grant Security Measures areResponse of the Member St ate to the Commissions ProposalWhen there remains a significant risk to the security of the public electronic communications service.Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations counseling

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Week-5 (weeks 1 to 5 journals) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Week-5 ( weeks 1 to 5 journals) - Essay ExampleIt is during this first week that I managed to stick the assistance of my institute mates into explaining minor details concerning my work. For instance, filing papers on criminal activities and judgments was a challenge to me. They explained to me the methods the organization uses in filing papers. My supervisor provided guidance into understanding the methodologies the organization uses in maintaining its papers.During this week, at that place were numerous challenges in interacting with my coworkers. Poor communication and miss-understanding of our job roles played a big role in these conflicts (Seta, 53). For instance, the secretary of my supervisor kept on giving me in accurate information concerning the instructions of the boss. On one occasion, the secretary asked me to present a file containing accident trials, instead of criminal cases. This issue farting to an argument between me, and the secretary.The situation was resolve d when the boss came in, and outlined to us our responsibilities and how we ought to behave. During this week, I learnt perseverance plot of ground conducting my duties, as it is the only way of helping me associate well with others. This is because each of us possesses conflicting objectives in relation to our duties.Week two was the most challenging week during the period of my internship. The person supervising my work played a minor role in monitoring how productive my work was. This made me to propose extra caution while conducting my duties, for purposes of efficiency while filing, checking and replying mails of the organization, and stamping judicial courts paper works (Seta, 12). It is at this week that a close relationship myself and coworkers developed. This helped in improving the manner in which we executed our duties, making us productive and efficient.My colleagues helped me a lot in filing court cases, since the papers were numerous. I could not get through the dea dline of filing these papers, if I worked alone. During this week, the