Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Report Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Report - Coursework Example Communication can only be successful and effective, it has to be two way. Therefore, this implies that a good manager should not only be a good orator but also a good listener. This means that it is not only the managers who would be the cause of communication breakdown in the organisation but the employees as well. Employees need to have the confidence to share any concerns they may have concerning the running of the organisation since in the end they also have some stake in the performance of the organisation. The aim of this report was to identify the possible causes of lack of communication in the organization, and from these propose possible recommendations that could ensure better management, and greater and better communication between managers and the staff. Fear makes the staff feel the urge to protect them. In such a case, they are likely not to be open to sharing any interests or thoughts pertaining to their work in the organisation. Consequently, this will result in subdued communication in the organisation. This makes it hard for the staff in the organisation to work towards attaining the goals and objectives of the organisation. Inevitably, the organisation will suffer and lose its competitive edge in the overly competitive market. According to the egalitarian theories of leadership, everyone at the place of work are equal and need to be treated like so. This will ensure that the employees feel free enough to easily share their views. In an instance where the members of the organisation lack any form of commitment to the achievement of the goals and objectives, they tend to slack. They will not have the drive to perform well or do their assigned work to the best of their abilities. The staff will barely focus on what it takes in order for the organisation to success. The result of this is normally lack of communication. According to Douglas McGregor’s Theory Y of management

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